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We use industry specific software to keep track of all our clients associated products and services that they have with us.

The automated billing and reminder software will send customers reminders about upcoming domain renewals at 60, 30, 15,7 and 1 day before the renewal date  (don’t let that domain name expire – see domain name section for details of what happens if your domain name expires). The purpose of these automated reminders is to exceed the Compulsory requirements of Domain registrars and to try to enure that you don’t miss those important domain renewal dates

Note: As long as we have current email address on file and as long as invoices are paid before the due date there is no reason why a domain should be allowed to lapse . if paying by EFT, Cheque or credit card ensure that payment is made a few days before the due date to allow payment to clear too our accounts ). Also if you are going to be away when the domain is up for renewal please make arrangements with us to make payment before hand or let us know so we can ensure that the domain does not expire.
Please see our domain names page for details of what happens if a domain name expires.

THE AUTOMATED BILLING SOFTWARE WILL generate and email invoices 23 days before the renewal date and will send automated reminders leading up to the due date and reminders after the due date has passed (if you no longer require a service or domain just let us know and we will update our system so you don’t get any more notifications).

Clients can use the system to put in support tickets if needed.

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